Private Programs

Alternative Private Capital can assist you with raising funds for your projects by providing you legitimate resources to secure financial instruments, monetizing, and provide access to private trading platforms to raise capital and profits for your project and/or company. Please remember that these programs are private and by invitation only. YOUR ENTRY INTO THESE PROGRAMS IS STRICLY BASED ON YOU FIRST PASSING COMPLIANCE WITH THE TRADE PLATFORM. Programs can change without notice at the discretion of the issuer or trader. Please use theĀ Private Contact form provided for consultation and specifics on current programs.

Current Programs*:

  • Monetization of your SBLC (Owned/Leased) w/Trade Program Option/Non-Recourse Funding
  • London 40-Week Euro Trade Program ($100M minimum)
  • Hard Asset/Bond Monetization and w/Trade Program Option
  • BG/SBLC Lease & Monetization Program w/Trade Program Option
  • Bank Instrument Leverage Program
  • Corporate Bond Formation w/Monetization and Trade Program
  • 3 day Bullet leading to 40 Week Trade ($500M minimum)
  • Funds Transfers using DTC, IPIP, IPID, Server to Server

*Private Placement Programs (PPP) and Instrument Monetization are 100% Capital Protected and have a Bank to Bank Payment Guarantee.

We report all fraudulent activity to the relevant security agencies. We will also blacklist and make the participants in the fraudulent activity public to our network.

: Your Project Funding Source Team